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We believe that when woman thrive, humanity flourishes. The Women's Journey Foundation supports women and girls to live their true potential as she defines it. The foundation is a platform of tools, education and resources that are designed to advance the lives of women from all walks of life. The success of our programs live in the bonding and sharing of our wisdom. We all have a story to share, rich with wisdom. When we voice our triumphs, courage and inner strength it is illuminated in all of us.

We grow through our experiences that are not always easy, some are painful, many are joyful and others are life-changing. On the journey we may discover something new about ourselves, something we never knew before: we find our strength. The Women's Journey Foundation celebrates the strength and wisdom in women, of all ages.

The Women's Journey Foundation acknowledges the value of life experiences.

What we encounter in our lives brings a greater understanding of who we are as women, mothers, daughters, grandmothers, professionals, homemakers, celebrities, social workers and so on. When we share our stories, we impart our knowledge and expertise . . . and women and society as a whole advances. The Women's Journey Foundation produces workshops, conferences, lectures, educational materials and documentaries that highlight the personal acts of bravery and intimate details of triumph to demonstrate the potential in every woman.

To build on our past and advance our future we honor and acknowledge the contributions of the women who came before us. Their lives and courageous actions have paved the way. The preservation of our historic lineage is critically important….and yet only 3% of educational materials are dedicated to women's history. Their names and faces are but a faded memory and many of their stories have been forgotten. If women are to continue to evolve and gain a greater sense of equality, we must remember our history. This is our legacy.

We’ve come a long way but an alarming fact remains that 70% of young girls have low self-esteem. Today young girls compare themselves to unrealistic perceptions of women in media and some never receive positive reinforcements for their natural gifts and goodness growing up. Sadly, this is a recipe for failure. But we can change this. We’ve seen it happen in our programs. That’s why the Women's Journey Foundation encourages women to become mentors and role models for our youth. Role models represent what is possible for young women who don't believe in themselves. Our goal is to inspire more of you to become mentors and to reach more girls.


Celebrity Endorsements

  • Carnie Wilson

    These people are phenomenal. The WJF has great potential for impacting teen pregnancies, employment and women's contributions.

  • Meredith Baxter

    I wholeheartedly endorse the WJF. Their energetic staff of varied ages, backgrounds and hues was a great testament that it's really all about people.

  • Paul Williams

    For young women in today's world it is an opportunity to be both inspired and lovingly directed toward healthy action and positive thought.

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